Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Evaluation on Homework

Students: Speaking as a student myself (doing homework right now, yeah - this blog), I hate homework. I mean I just spent about 6-7 hours at school and now I have homework too. And because we get so dang much of it, I have to take another few hours to get it done. In between doing my homework, I have to do my chores and eat and stuff. Jeez. They have seven hours to stuff us with knowledge and you'd hope that they would stop there but you'd be wrong.
The thing I hate most about the whole homework thing is that we get so much because teachers don't bother to plan out who's giving a project when, so sometimes I get like three projects at a time. Talk about stressful and frustrating and agrivating and so on. When a kid gets home, I think they should be able to do stuff, like go to movies, hang out with friends, etc. I don't know if your parents are like mine but I can't do anything until my homework and chores are done.

Teachers: Since I am not a teacher I don't really know but they don't seem to enjoy giving us homework either. You know, because they have to grade it eventually. But they don't seem to mind how long it takes students or whether they are giving them a huge project due at the same time as another. You'd think since they went to school once upon a time they would understand how much the students hate it when they pile on homework, but for some inconceivable reason they give it out like candy (really, really gross candy that nobody likes - to me that would be black licorice). Maybe it's because they want to make us work as hard as they did, deep down in their black hearts they take it out on us just to feel better. (Of course I am not trying to offend any teachers but seriously, think about it!)

Parents/Other People: I'm not a parent or an "other" person but I am sure that they love it when we have homework. I mean how often have I heard my mom say she was glad I was busy doing something constructive. It really annoys me how much she enjoys it. She can do whatever she wants in peace as long as I am busy studying for a test or doing the final touches on a project. Parents are also happy that we aren't getting into trouble since we're busy with homework. Of course there are kids that don't do their homework and stuff but there are less than there could be.

Anyway, I hate homework. And really it's pretty obvious and it isn't like I had to write a review about it but whatever.